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Leading Identity and Security Solution Company

We are a group of professionals, who with good experience & expertise have managed to create a place for ourselves in the industry & the region. With top of the line products in identification cards, biometric & other security solutions coupled with our inhouse developed customised software backed by a team of friendly experienced sales & support staff. To the world we are known as identity people & the final destination for entire range of Identification solutions.

We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different companies. We are a company that offers design and print services for you from initial sketches to the final product.

Our Products

Fargo ID Card Printers

Fargo is the worldwide leader in secure card identity systems with smart cards…

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Nisca ID Card Printers

Nisca ID card printers are well known for their quality, reliability…

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Datacard Printers

Instantly issue compelling, high-quality payment cards and advanced…

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Ciaat Printers

We have the high quality printers. CIAAT is the fatest direct to card printer…

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Evolis Card Printers

Elegant, complete and efficient,the Evoils Pebble printer…

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Invixium Access Control

The Invixium brand means a lot to us, and reflects our passion…

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ZK Access Control

ZKTeco is a new generation fingerprint recognition system…

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Topaz Signature Pad

Topaz Systems offer five basic types of signature pads. If you aren’t…

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